The Definition of Teamwork.

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JTF2 Expects 3 things from you: Skill, Loyalty, and Determination.

Interested in joining JTF2? Well befor you get your panties in a bunch, you might want to know this:
-We only want good players, who still believe they can, and want to get better. We'll be taking 5 Snipers, 8 Ghost's, and 12 Grunts.
-Depending on what Role you receive (Sniper, Ghost, or Grunt), You will be assigned a certain class to use. You WILL have to use this class. You'll be asked to master it, and get VERY good with it. For every (Official) Clan War, 1 Sniper, 2 Ghosts, and 2 Grunts will be chosen to represent us. Or depending on the map, we will have either 3 Ghosts & 2 Grunts, or 2 Ghosts and 3 Grunts.
-We are VERY Strict. We expect you to be on a minimum time set per day (Unless Excused) and if you ever leave or are suspected of being a spy, you are permanately banned, and never able to return under ANY Cercumstances.
-A Wii Headset is Required.
-"Fumbles" & "Hugo" Are leaders. (Fumbles being the Leader, Hugo being the Co-Leader).
-Still interested? Go to the "Forums" Tab at the top of the site page, click the "Joining" Section, and read ALL Threads. After you have, and you are still interested, submit a application in a Thread on the Forums (In the given section) and allow between a Few Minutes to 1 Day or your application to be answered. Or add "[JTF2]Fumbles" to your Allies List with your name set as "[App.]Name Here" so I will certainly Accept your Allies request, and you can TEXT Me that you have applied on the forums and I will check it A.s.a.p.
However long and frustrating your wait to get into JTF2 Is, it IS Worth it. We have been getting well-known i the Wii CoD MW3 Community and we only have 2 Members so far (Me and Hugo). (Note this was posted on July 14th, 2012).
-If you can count 5+8+12, then you will know we will only be taking 25 Members total.
My FC: 1163-3113-5560
Recruitment Status: "Green"

Green=11 or More Needed.
Orange=Between 5 & 10 Needed.
Red=4 or Less Needed.
Black=Not Recruiting.